Guitar Lessons

Along with Piano classes and Crash courses  Purvi Ranka’s academy also provides group based guitar classes  for children above the age of 4.

We focus on understanding music concepts and techniques of guitar playing, music history, ear training and the coordination of  both the hands.

Whether you are an absolute beginner without any prior musical knowledge, an intermediate player or an advanced amateur guitarist , you are welcome to join and improve your skills with highly qualified and experienced instructors.

During every group guitar lesson, we ensure that you will learn something new and hone your newly found guitar playing skills.

Each class will leave you invigorated and ready to learn more.

We truly believe learning in a group is a very effective method of learning to play guitar

It gives us access for duet playing, group playing and activities and for composing group songs.

The group based guitar classes are conducted twice a week , one hour long each

As all our guitar lessons for adults and kids are highly personalized and tailored to the needs and wishes of each, you are welcome to decide whether you would like to sit for the  Music Association Of India graded examination. 

There are four levels in this programme , named from basic to advance level.

By the end each certified guitarist will be accomplished to sustain in the industry 

   Course Details

  1. Introduction to the guitar:
    • Overview of the different parts of the guitar.
    • How to hold the guitar and proper posture.
    • Tuning the guitar.
  2. Basic playing techniques:
    • Introduction to open chords (e.g., C, G, D, E, A).
    • Strumming patterns and rhythm exercises.
    • Finger picking techniques.
  3. Music theory for guitarists:
    • Understanding the musical alphabet and notes on the fretboard.
    • Major and minor scales.
    • Chord construction and progressions.
  4. Intermediate techniques:
    • Barre chords and power chords.
    • Introduction to scales for soloing.
    • Different strumming styles (e.g., palm muting, arpeggios).
  5. Song repertoire:
    • Learning popular songs from various genres.
    • Analyzing song structure and chord progressions.
    • Developing ear training and transcribing skills Advanced concepts:
    • Modal scales and improvisation.
    • Advanced finger picking techniques (e.g., Travis picking, fingerstyle patterns).
    • Music theory applications for advanced chord progressions.
  6. Performance skills:
    • Building confidence in playing in front of others.
    • Developing stage presence and effective communication with other musicians.
    • Tips for recording and preparing for gigs.
  7. Additional topics (depending on student’s interests):
    • Slide guitar techniques.
    • Jazz chords and progressions.
    • Fingerboard navigation and advanced fretboard knowledge.

It’s important to note that this outline is a general framework, and the actual content covered in guitar classes may vary depending on the instructor, the level of the students, and their specific goals and interests.

What makes us different? 

We truly believe music is beyond graded certifications. There are multiple skills that are required to be a professional. We teach all skills in different and innovative ways which  helps them when they step outside in the music world. Some of the skills are :  


A good ability to improvise marks the difference between a player and a professional   Improvisation is the activity of making or doing something not planned beforehand, using whatever can be found. It is very important to improvise effectively, beautifully and patiently. While performing for an audience the quality of improvising stands out. We ensure that every student learning with us build the best skill of improvising through our different fun methods.

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Every player aspires to play the music immediately on piano after listening to it at once . This is known as Transcribing. Transcribing refers to playing a melody mixed with different instruments on piano. This can only be achieved with effective ear training. We conduct various exercises to train your ears so that you can transcribe effectively. 

Fun Activities

We always pay attention to the fact that each class should be different. We never encourage monotonous classes. In each class we try to include different activities and games which helps us to interact with the students and form a bond and helps them to learn music in a fun way. To keep classes different , interactive, lively and knowledgeable is always our first and last goal.

How To Enroll

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It is very straightforward to enroll at Purvi Ranka’s Academy  by either contacting us at or via our contact form. We will endeavour to get back to you within one or two working days.