Piano Classes 

Piano classes are customized for each student personally based on one’s interest , unique abilities , musical goals , individual development and personal learning style.

The course is bespoke to fit your needs and your musical goals.

We focus on introducing  and practicing music from all genres thus helping to develop a keen ear for music .

Piano Classes in pune

We do not follow a set syllabus but rather adapt to each of our students as everyone is different and requires special attention.

We provide both solo and group based piano lessons .

Each class contains some different element which helps to keep the interactive classes more fun.

We focus on music history , self composition , transcribing and hand independency.

Course Details

We prepare our students for certified graded examination conducted by Trinity College Of London , UK .  Training for all eight grades is provided.

Simultaneously we also train them for the graded examination of Music Theory conducted by the same  , Trinity College of London .

Piano lessons in pune

We focus more on the playing of different genres of pieces thus giving them exposure to all era’s of music , which ultimately help’s one to decide their interest and end goal.

Drastically improve your piano playing with interactive and fun classes.

Piano classes are conducted on one-on-one basis. The classes can either be conducted on regular basis or appointment basis.

Each class is of 45 min.

We first start with the basic books developing their fundamentals and then shift to the preparations of exams.

Various group and academy activities are conducted once in two month which ultimately helps you to grow in the musical world.

What makes us different? 

We truly believe music is beyond graded certifications. There are multiple skills that are required to be a professional. We teach all skills in different and innovative ways which  helps them when they step outside in the music world. Some of the skills are :  


A good ability to improvise marks the difference between a player and a professional   Improvisation is the activity of making or doing something not planned beforehand, using whatever can be found. It is very important to improvise effectively, beautifully and patiently. While performing for an audience the quality of improvising stands out. We ensure that every student learning with us build the best skill of improvising through our different fun methods.

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Every player aspires to play the music immediately on piano after listening to it at once . This is known as Transcribing. Transcribing refers to playing a melody mixed with different instruments on piano. This can only be achieved with effective ear training. We conduct various exercises to train your ears so that you can transcribe effectively. 

Fun Activities

We always pay attention to the fact that each class should be different. We never encourage monotonous classes. In each class we try to include different activities and games which helps us to interact with the students and form a bond and helps them to learn music in a fun way. To keep classes different , interactive, lively and knowledgeable is always our first and last goal.

How To Enroll

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It is very straightforward to enroll at Purvi Ranka’s Academy  by either contacting us at  info@purviranka.com or via our contact form. We will endeavour to get back to you within one or two working days.